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When life gives you lemons...

Fizz and Gin Bar covering Scotland

About Us

About Us

We are passionate about lovely cool drinks on warm sunny days.  And so it was that Twelve Lemons was born during the heatwave of Summer 2018.  Unfortunately, we cant always promise weather like this, but either indoors or out, we can promise Twelve Lemons will brighten up any event with a bit of everyday sunshine in the form of perfectly chilled bubbles, gin mixes or cocktails.


Based in Glasgow, we are lucky to have Scotland’s central belt on our doorstep but the trailer can be taken to a variety of events in any part of the country. Our Horsebox 'Hilary' loves an adventure! Travel excites us and we are happy to journey to any location for your special event specifically weddings, festivals, corporate events, family occasions, wrap parties and so on. If it were up to us we would travel for free but unfortunately, we need to charge for distances over 30 miles - get in touch for the breakdown!

The Trailer
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The Trailer

Our trailer is an old Beaufort Rice horse trailer which has been loving converted in to a unique Horsebox Bar. She is an absolute beauty and goes by the name of Hilary!  We have made a few finishing touches to change it into our Twelve Lemons baby including, the addition of a fizz tap.

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We wanted to serve Prosecco.  But Italian law states that Prosecco must be sold in bottles of 3L or less. We wanted to serve our fizz from a tap, so we offer a sparkling Italian white wine, made in the Veneto region of North Italy from the same grape (Glera) that Prosecco is made from.  If this was in a bottle, it would be called Prosecco but as it comes in kegs, it must be called fizz!  Much like us, our wine is fruity, smooth and a little bit aromatic and with 11% vol, this wine is great as an aperitif or cracking in a cocktail - perfect for Twelve Lemons.

The Fizz

The Fizz
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Gin & Beer


We are proud of our Scottish heritage and are delighted there are so many fine Scottish gins to choose from. We carry approximately 10 gins, mainly from Scotland but a few from foreign lands have also sneaked into the mix - after all, you have to stock your mum's tipple of choice!
Our gin collection will constantly be evolving as we make new discoveries and you can help us with as recommendations and personal favourites can of course be catered for so please ask at the time of booking.

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Strange though it may be, we heard that bubbles arent for everyone!  Luckily we are not a one trick pony and also offer buckets of local craft beer for those whose prefer their drinks to be more hoppy than fruity.  If you have particular favourite thats not on our radar, let us know and we will do the donkey work and source it for you.

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We tend to save these for food festivals but we’re always happy to dust off our cocktail shakers if that’s your thing!

We focus on fizz and gin cocktails but can turn our hand to whatever you fancy, and are happy to make a signature cocktail to mark your wedding or event - again, adding that unique, personal touch to your 12 Lemons experience!

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